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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 2, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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nbc bay area marianne favro covering in story five years joins from us the hall of justice. what happened inside the courtroom today? >> reporter: raj, today the lead prosecutor told jurors that garcia torres was unaccounted for for five hours the day sierra disappeared. he said that was plenty of time to hide the body. today in court prosecutors played an emotional recording of the 911 sierra lamar's mother made when her daughter vanished. now garcia torres could face the death penalty if he is convicted. during closing arguments this around prosecutor david boyd reminded jurors about sierra's hair found on a rope in the carve garcia torres. >> and it's very hard to come up with an innocent explanation as to why her hair is found on rope in mr. garcia's car. >> the prosecution also poked
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holes in a key defense theory, specifically the claim that sierra may have run away. which is why her body has never been found. >> what the prosecution has done very effectively is not only presented its theory of the case, it's starting to refute the defense theory of the case before they've even spoken to the jury. >> sierra's father steve was in court today but declined to comment more than a dozen volunteers once helping look for sierra in morgan hill came to the trial to offer the family support mp mary dorning said she felt the prosecution presented a convincing case. >> it makes it very clear as to how they came to the conclusion and how they got his dna and how they picked him as the perpetrator. >> but with no body and no crime scene some question whether the evidence presented will be enough to convict garcia torres of killing seer la lamar. >> as part of this trial garcia
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torres is also accused of attacking three other women in safeway parking lots in morgan hill. the prosecution suesing those cases to establish a pattern of escalating violence. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. we will be back in the courtroom tomorrow for the defense's closing argument. stay with our kinning coverage on all the platforms all the way through jury deliberations, verdict and sentencing. turn attention to the weather another hot day. record temperatures in some areas live look at san jose chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. warm today but that could change. >> we do expect a huge drop in temperatures within the next seven day forecast but dangerous heat for parts of the bay area as we were a few degree away from hitting the century mark. napa now set agnew record as the official high coming in at 94.
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last time this hot this time of the year was back in 1966. stanford 91, san francisco 82. all of the heat every bit is due to the high pressure sitting out in the pacific also helping to drive down dryer normal winds. i still nink a lot of the interior vafls especially east bay another warm to hot day. 76 at 10:00 a.m. by 3:00 p.m. tomorrow back up in the low 90s. add another layer to this. unfortunately if if you suffer from allergies spare the air day in effect worst air quality over the east bay. i'll hit let you know when temperatures drop 20 to 25 degrees next update at 6:19. >> thaupg see you then jeff. you can track temperatures with the free nbc app another alternative for you. get the forecast tairled to your neighborhood. >> a trip to drop off a child at darrick took a bizarre twist.
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two women across from a elementary school got into a fender bender which escalated to a stabbing. tonight nobody facing charges. mark matthews joins from us ocean view neighborhood. what happened there? >> reporter: raj they're calling it self-defense. a 34-year-old woman as you say was dropping her 4-year-old off when another woman drove buy and swied swiped her car the women who is car that's her sitting on the curb waiting for police. the other woman a 41-year-old inside the ambulance being treated for a cut from a scalpel. this woman told us what happened after her car was struck. >> a we pulled aside and basically i was tellinger you kind of hit my car. >> she gram out aggressive and violently. >> she said she tried to did he fuse the conference but. >> she started cussing and yelling my child was in there i will doefd myself if you don't
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back off. >> she says the woman kept coming. and that's when she pulled the kal. er her mother gave her for protection. >> she was trying to swipg at me when i defended myself i blocked her hand and she backed up. >> well witnesses backed up her version of what had happened. they called it self-defense. and they sent everybody away except the woman who was stapd she went to the hospital with non-life threening injuries. reporting from. >> new information tonight about the teenager shot to death in san francisco sunset neighborhood. happened yesterday. police say someone shot this boy, 15-year-old, the superintendent of jefferson high school in dal city tells us dropped out last fall. now he says the school is providing grief counseling to jackson's family and friends. and you can imagine the mood on campus is some ber. >> the staff has explained it to me through the day as some ber.
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as you would expect. it's a very tragic event for the community. it's a tragic event for young people trying to understand why this happened. >> he was shot yesterday around noon. witnesses say they heard half a dozen shots and a 16-year-old passenger in jackson's car was -- that was driving -- that jackson was driving was unhurt. no word on any suspects at this point. new at 6:00 learning more about an inmate who died in custody in santa clara county. you crews rushed him to the medical center. this morning he died there. we don't know his name but we do know he was 67 years old and booked in the jail on a murder charge. the man had several preexisting medical conditions which the jail was made aware of during the booking process. a rare violent crime in walnut creek. and tonight an update. the man isaacsonaccused of kill girlfriend will face a judge.
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we incorrectly reported nefs court today. he was accused of shooting and killing his girlfriend in walnut creek last week. . he then got into a standoff which is what you're looking at here with police in martinez our sky ranger was there when he surrendered after 19 hours. on the hot seat uc president janet napolitano defending her office after a recent audit claims the uc system is hiding millions of dollars. napolitano is testifying before lawmakers. the audit revealed that her office accumulated reserves of 175 million. napolitano has disagreements on the amount a and she is disputing the accounts. she says her office could have handled the investigation in a different manner. mixed new for apple shareholders tonight. more cash but the stock price is dipping. the cupertino base company releasing earnings .59 million
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i've phones sold over the last three months but growth in iphone sales slowed down. and that impacted apple's stock price which dipped after hours the good news for investors apple says it will boost cold warily cash dividend by 10 and a half%. >> they are the leaders of tomorrow but now they're worried about their jobs today. it's the growing concern for millennials. losing jobs to robots. our business tech reporter engines from us the. >> reporter: the survey did say jessica millennials many of whom will be hitting the job market freshly minted with college degrees are concerned about their workforce future. not because of recessions or human competition. but because of robots. from the way we build cars to the way we make pizza, the robots are coming. but are they coming to take our
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jobs? >> i start off my classes and say you will replaced by a plug in. >> a survey says close to half of minimal yams fear losing jobs to a robot that's a lot of young people heading into the workforce many educated here in silicon valley. >> it's kind of ironic because it's my job to build the robots that are taking other people's jobs. >> i definitely grew up in the bay area that's been a part of my life is having a lot of technology. >> this from someone with a sweat shirt reading bae which fits into the robotic war lords. >> but santa clara tech professor says don't worry. all the technology still needs a human touch. >> i think that there is a lot of programming involved, alt of artistry revolved. and user experience. >> so even though botts are becoming barrista a note of optimism. >> we can hopefully work in tandem rather than be afraid
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they're taking taking over. >> i think the purpose of robertics to make life bert it's to do things humans can't do. >> rgts the survey also says the millennials predict the workplaces of the future will get less friendly. that's not good news to companies try to recruit young workers report living. nbc bay area news. >> scott thank you. up next at 6:00 more fire with the big impact the south bay snack shack targeted by vandals now a possible arsonist. >> five years after a deadly mass shooting in east bay university the victim's families have some justice. i'm michelle roberts live in oakland with reaction from students on the verdict today. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri a lot of sunshine across the east bay in my forecast tell but two weather related health impacts that could have you
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staying inside more than outside. it was a tragic act of violence
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that shook the entire community. the mass shootingt it was a tragic act of violence that shook the entire community. a mass shooting that left seven people dead on the campus of oikosp the shooter once thought mentally unfit was today found guilty on all counts. michelle roberts joins us live from the university.
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michelle. >> reporter: many students here on campus today say they're still heart broken by the tragedy that happened five years ago. many saying they did find some peace knowing that he will spend the rest of his life in prison. >> always been my passion to be a nurse. >> kristina williams is studying to become a nurse at the university. her aunt was working towards the same goal when she was shot and killed on april 2nd, 2012. >> she was a very nice person, very down to earth, helpful. >> today the man responsible for killing her aunt entered a plea of no contest a and wos was found guilty of seven counts of murder and three counts of attempted pre-med kraitd tatd murder. >> many people lost their relieves. it's good that justice finally came to pass. >> prosecutors say he oemd fire on campus several months after he dropped out of school in 2012. a dispute over his tuition led
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him to kill seven and injure three. >> a lot of people were trauma advertised because that have. >> in a statement the spokesperson for the university said it's a heart breaking memory for us all. justice is served but we feel sorry for mr. go's soul. according to the d. a.'s office go will be sentenced to seven life sentences without the possibility of parole and additional 271 years in prison. >> this defendant will be in prison the rest of his life and never be in a position to harm anyone in our community in the way that he did five years ago. >> go's attorney says he suffers from mental illness and also says he is deeply sorry for what he did. michelle roberts bay area news. >> thank you. big crowds at may day rally cross the bay area tonight getting more numbers. no arrests at the rallies. the scene in elbowed at about
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this time one of the cities where thousands showed up to rally for labor and immigration rights. today police tell us know one arrested at the protest in oakland or the protest and marchs in san francisco and san jose. well ann coulter never came to kal's campus but the bill has arrived. the threat of protests at uc perk berkeley could be cold frontally the alameda sheriff office is asking for half a million dollars. the bill represents the costs calling in hundreds of deputies on the day she was initially supposed to speak on campus last week. the peach speech agency you might recall was ultimately cancelled after her sponsorship was pulled if uc berkeley doesn't pay for the over-the-it comes out of the county and city budgets in a statement the university said it's trying to determine the appropriate level of reimbursement. well the snack shack at san jose's branham high school went up in flames and the fire department says it was
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intentional. the story broke on today in the bay. the fire is suspicious because it started outside the door on a stoop. the they also vandalized two sheds and stole tools. the president of the sports booster says it could cost about $10,000 to replace everything. >> we've gotten together to help the baseball raze money. all it takes it an incident than that opportunity is gone. >> branham high principal told us surveillance cameras may have captured the culprits in the act. we will see. just as the summer travel season arrives, a new travel warning. the state department is now warning all americans about traveling to europe between now and september, specifically noting france, sweden, the uk and russia. the state department says the new warning is not prompted by specific threats. it just cites recent terror attacks linked to isis and al qaeda and the possibility of actions by sympathizer our
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self-radicalized extremistists. >> take you back outside looking at dublin roun. area quality management issues the alert ahead of summer. the air quality is hazy throughout much of the bay area. the air district is encouraging people to car pool do anything to reduce mog. smog alert is part of air quality awareness week which ends friday. >> if you don't have air-conditioning you have to have a fan today. >> it's hot. >> so hot outside. >> uncomfortably hot and a little bit too soon for the mid-90s across the bay area. we wanted to get out of the cool and rainy weather i'm hearing from a lot of folks today tipped the limit as we get a live look outside. we do have new official record highs coming in. the first one is in napa reaching 94 degrees, the old record 93 back in 1966. and the other record richmond at 87 degrees, the old was 86 was
6:19 pm
in 2014. i do think tomorrow will begin to cool off to about six degrees mostably near the coastline also for the bay as you'll shea in san francisco out to 80s half moon bay 67. keep your eye from santa rosa through concord to livermore, low 90s. ment talked about the two health kbangts with this weather for tomorrow. and again spare the air in effect. what i want to show you where the worst air quality will be just in case you missed this contra costa and also alameda county itchy eyes, coughing, sneezing. on such a beautiful day you may have to limit outdoor exposure especially in the east bay with the spare the air day in effect. the other thing we're tracking is the pollen. new numbers in cedar pine and grasses all in the high category. that's bad news for allergies. cedar pine and fwras are
6:20 pm
everywhere. wind chill out for tomorrow process. we do see improvement in the weather that help allergies in the air quality by the weekend cool down to upper 60s, low 70s. breeze to flush out the atmosphere, also the chance of light scattered showers. only tres amounts to a about .1 inches. . we'll have a closer look at who reaches 93 degrees at 6:48. >> see you shortly, jeff. coming up a blast from the past you remember the days how the warriors plan to honor the we believe team at the playoff game tonight. should be fun. :
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==reveal== berkeley police have released a sketch of a man they believe stabbed another man. the happening now berkeley police are release add sketch of a man they believe stabbed another man. that attack happened earlier this month we posted information on the facebook page and the sketch as well. drive to yosemite got easier. the main road in is open. it was wiped out back in the february storms. go to the website see the pictures of the park. yes, the toyota mirai runs on hydrogen. yes, the fuel is complimentary for up to three years. yes, it has an epa-estimated range of 312 miles. yes, you will probably have to answer lots of silly questions from strangers. yes, this is a mind-blowing marvel of technology. and, yes, you can buy it today- because the future doesn't start next week, next month or next year... the future starts now. in the hydrogen-fueled toyota mirai.
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6:24 pm
believe team. the team might recall upset the number one seated dallas mavericks in the post-season. the we believe team is back. the yellow we believe tee shirt so popular tepp years will be resurrected barren davis, all the guy will be back at the oracle current warrior matt barns was a member and think this is well deserved. >> guys became teammates, family and brothers. we're all still friends and when ray told me about i was kbietwood the guys brings back a lot of great memories gone by quick. i definitely feel it now i'm here with my kids. my kids were conceived the last time i was here. you know what i mean it's been a long time and been a great ride. >> he shares a lot of information we believe the team is talking to colin resch pch more on tonight's tribute and
6:25 pm
preview of the game. >> you go ugly scene at one of the baseball stadiums during the fenway park a group of fans aunt kaunted usually using racial slurs jones said he was called the n word and had a bag of peanuts thrown at him and the baseball commissioner said anyone who does something like will be ejected. >> i don't want any love on support i don't need that that stuff i want the fans to be normal, enjoy yourself but be respectful of where you're at you got little kids around here. >> the red socks saying the organization is sickened by the news has zero tolerance for that kind of behavior. the white house is considering a technology overall of the u.s. government. president trump signed executive order yesterday outlining plans for american technology council. the administration is expected
6:26 pm
to tap silicon valley to participate but that could turn out tricky. the bay area isn't exactly trump country. there are whispers that oracle ceo could be onboard and that leaders at apple facebook and sales force have been approached. the group's meeting is next month. new information about jerad kushner and a key white house adviser. the "wall street journal" reports that in his government forms kushner failed to disclose that he owes $1.0 billion in loans to 20 different lenders. he also did reveal his business ties to paypal copoupder peter thooel goldman sachs. the forms will be revised. the "wall street journal" quotes ethics experts who say kushner should rekeyes himself from issues involving lenders as well as business ties. more than half of the relievies that protect northern california from flooding is are failing we vgt what that could mean for us here in the bay
6:27 pm
area. >> campers trailers and a race car all on the property all stolen. tonight who sheriff's deputies arrested. a ripped off racecar now
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
"recovered." this is part of a bigger crime ring. right now at 6:30 a ripped off race car has now been recovered. this is part of a bigger crime ring. plenty of cars stolen. and then stripped. and now there is an effort to identify some of the cars other thanes. damian trujillo in the santa cruz mountains to give us more
6:30 pm
information. >> reporter: investigators have been trying to track down a stolen race car more than a month. they found it and whole lot more thanks to a property manager up here in the santa cruz mountains. this is the race car deputies think was stolen in early april this was that car today. stripped and hidden in a vacant property along highway 17. >> from the work i heard went into developing and the froeks care they took care tp really sad. >> santa cruz facebook page show someone hauling the caraway inside the white trailer last month. they believe they found that wyatt truck today as well. it's been repainted a gray and fwlak. >> one man operation or don't know yet. >> we don't know. >> the property where all this was found is owned by a land trust. the property manager showed up at checkup on the land found the stolen vehicles and called the sheriff. when deputies arrived they found someone sleeping in this trailer.
6:31 pm
he is now in custody. they also found the race car along with three rv's two camper trailers and two pick up trucks. police are not releasing the name of the suspect in this case. also trying to identify the owners of the rv's and campers. we're in the santa claus cruz mountains. nbc bay area news oh. >> thank you damian. american airlines is again apologizing for the incident involving a mom brought to tiers by a flight attendant over a baby stroller. executive for the airlines told congress today the situation was improperly handled that it's being investigated. looking at cell phone video of the confrontation. it started when a male flight attendant got kbasht with the mom trying to bring on twins and sfroler on to a flight at sfo passengers said the attendant yanked the central sfroler away hitting her narrowly missing one of the babies. aftermath are captured by cell phones circulated on social
6:32 pm
media. >> another video from a flight passenger he is flighting on a plane bound for l.a. you might find this disturbing. >> this guy is crazy. >> it's not clear what led to the fight after the exchange you can see the flight attendant trying to separate the two. they were flying last night from japan to los angeles on ana airlines. that wasn't it after a brief break the man in the red well he return are for more you can see hiss inherit is ripped. police eventually dragged him off the plane and believed to be an american citizen. police in japan say the man was intoxicated and choked an employee as well. >> placed end to end they would stretch fl san francisco to new york city and back talking about 13,000 miles of levies in california. >> vital to our lives yet built 100 years ago.
6:33 pm
many remain at high risk for failure. senior vchgt reporter steven stock has the exclusive report. >> well according to the latest report put out by the state of california about half of the levies do not meet modern day standards. and if a levy were to break-in the wrong place it could cut off drinking water splice to the bay area and beyond. here is my house. >> the polaroids and newspaper clippings date back near 50 years. >> it took our house down. it was awful. >> but the traumatic memories remain as appreciate today for 89-year-old brunn a dell as back in 69 when a levy break washed away her sherman island home. >> the logs that had come from the other end of the island were already down in underneath and you can hear them ramming and ramming and just shaking.
6:34 pm
and down it went. >> today thousands of miles of levy still guard against flooding throughout the sacramento and sand jauquin valley. much of the levy to me was built in the 1800 to preserve farmland and much of the system has not been maintained or modernized >> this road you can see the cracking. >> this man serves as lead central planner with department of water resources. >> the levy are old we're sitting on levy designed on constructed over 100 years ago. but we with haven't been really paying the true cost of maintaining the levies out here. >> if you think this sounds like someone else's problem on a farm far away from the bustling urban bay area, think again. >> the levies protect the water quality, protect our water supply, protect our transportation corridors. our power grid, electric utilities come through here. >> according to this five-year
6:35 pm
survey issued by the state last december, 60% of all nonurban levies like this are at high risk of failure from structural instability or seepage or erosion, that's about 1230 mimes of levy at risk and two thirds of all drinking wert for the bay area and southern california travel through aqua duct systems guarded by these. >> this is what engineers say a a boil, water coming from the river on the other side of the levy and boiling up on the other side. too much force, too much flow, and there is a real problem this levy could wash away. why is this especially important here. >> well look behind me. in the distance, that's the drinking water supply for the entire east way. flowing through the pipes. >> we depend upon the integrity of those levies in the delta to allow us to move the water from north to south.
6:36 pm
>> mourk cowen just retired in january as california's department of water resources he says it could cost $3 billion more to fix the problematic levies. >> the threat of levy catastrophe is significant. >> this is literalry jeopardizing our drinking water in san francisco and l.a. if we don't do anything. >> that's probably one of the facts that -- well i'd love more californians to understand. it's not just the local area at risk. santa clara, valley water district the silicon valley gets about 40% of the water from the delta. >> you never know when it's going to happen. >> this woman who lives in antioch says the levy collapse ruining her home is always on her mind. but it's the possibility of a future levy collapse that really haunts her. >> because it affects everybody. once the levy breaks, i mean it's not just the people -- so few live on the islands now. it affects everybody. >> one solution to this, put the
6:37 pm
drinking water pipes underground. in fact san francisco water utility has done that burr st burying no of the miept. governor jerry brown wands to built similar pipes or tumbles to carry drinking water to southern california. that would cost $17 billion and is right now very controversial along the delta. i'm steven stock, nbc bay area news. >> steven thank you. if you have a tip for the investigative units give us a call 1-888-996-tips, or you can send us an email to the unit at fed up with fedex. nbc bay area responds to a man in san jose who had had trouble with a damaged shipment.
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he )s facing 3 years in prison for sexy sentencing today for this man former palo alto high school teacher a science teacher facing three years in prison for sexually assaulting a 50 -- excuse me a 15-year-old female student, 47-year-old ronnie fairly arrested after a sting last june np in january he pled no contest to four felony counts. fairle resigned from the palo alto school district shortly after arrest. . the new data is out and crime is down in san francisco toorg at some numbers. overall sowers crimes dngzed by more than 0 percent. the only increase was homicide up by 11 percent ob rape, robbery burglary and car theft all down from the year before. the data is compiled as part of the uniform crime reporting program which is coordinated bit the fbi. >> it is no secret that
6:41 pm
advertising appeals to consumer emotions but a new report claims that facebook may have taken is it to have the document ob stained by australian newspaper says the social media network targets teenagers feeling anxious or insecure does this by monitor post-s and then passes information on to a third party and marketing companies. facebook representative told nbc news thes it legitimate by called the report misleading. being a mere mayor means spending a lot of time in meeting which may be why oakland's mayor was genuinely exited to get on a bicycle. >> mayor shaf was delighted to take a two mile ride on the bay bridge the marked the grand opening of the vista pinpoint not only is the view amaze willing but equipped with hydration station and rest
6:42 pm
rooms. . it couldn't open pormtly until the old bay bridge was removed. >> that's one of the nicest rides in the bay area. >> and great day to do it tad bit warm but on the bridge a nice wind. >> tomorrow it's just as nice across the bay area, sunshine and warmer temperatures heading out the warrior's game tonight we have a look at the forecast. no jacket needed for the start of the game headed out late no matter the result you got cool 60s tell you more about dramatic cooling trend and showers in about five minutes. >> a shipment worth more than 8 grand arrives damaged but the graegt are freight company only pays 2500 bucks. nbc bay area ponds next. ♪
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nbc bay area responds.. to a san jose man who needed help recovering more than $8k. jess/2shot he turned to our consumer team nbc bay area responds to a
6:45 pm
man in san jose needing help recovering more than $8,000. >> he turned to the consumer team for a hand mp consumer vrpgt chris chmura is here with the story. >> russell maynard sold a high end sewing machine on ee bay for $8600 he shipped the machine to the buyer using fedex. in doing that he said he asked fedex for the paperwork to declare the value of the machine because he was nervous. after all 8600 bucks for a sewing machine but he says the clerk at fedex told him there was no such paperwork he truts trusted her that machine ended up arriving damaged. the buy returned it to russell had to refund the purchase. next russell filed a claim with fedex. about a week later fedex issued a check for $241. he was shocked because that's more than a grand short. he says fedex told them it was denied because he didn't declare a value on the vimt of the package at the time of shipping. well russell explained what
6:46 pm
happened when he shipped the machine and was shuffled around to a few different people but in the end fedex stood its ground. so russell reached out to us for help. we contacted fedex and it did agree to cut russell another check this time for $8600. in a statement fedex didn't explain anything but it did say that it regretted the delay in resolving mr. maynard claim lesson learned declare a value when shipping items especially the pricey ones if you have a consumer client let us know. a couple options to contact us option a call us tips tip. option b. website wbts. or option c do it in person. i'll be out .first wednesday street fres in walnut creek between 5:30 and 8:00. >> you'll be responding in person. >> in person bring some water because i think it's warm out there. >> look forward to meeting everybody. >> downtown walnut creek 5:30 to
6:47 pm
8:00. >> 5:30 to 8:00. cypress between main and locust. >> i know exactly where that is. >> thanks kris. >> i might show up and ask a question. >> you got to anchor the news here. >> after that. >> well twitter is doubling down on live streaming the company new details which has it streaming everything from news to sports to entertainment concerts to an appear bloom berg to produce. news for twitter. also work with the. ncaa. s would. >> jeff rarnly talking about tonight's forecast and tomorrow chris chmura in walnut creek. >> low 90s, chris. you mentioned it's going to be hot out process in the east bay heading into the forecast. and eventually some cooler changes coming our way. you to check him out in walnut creek bring questions. a live look here in san francisco you can see the sun shining bright across downtown. we got up to a very warm 83 in
6:48 pm
the city today. right now cooling off to 71 and we'll start to see some 60s in here heading the next couple of hours. near the coastline also near the bay as we head into tomorrow that will begin to see just a little bit of cooling. but again hot for the interior valleys. get a look at the forecast all this warm weather means you goat to start off without any problems when it comes to weather. sunny skies, 60s for the trooil valley peninsula and south bay. also continued sunshine the north bay few clouds in san francisco and a great start by all accounts here across the east bay. olts microclimate forecast temperatures cool about 2 to 6 degrees near the bay and coast still on top for warm day to the south bay. low humidity and dry breeze will be on tap here. 89 in santa fe. 90 in east san jose and morgan hill mp lmd counties 93 concord 92 in walnut creek 91 back for
6:49 pm
livermore. this is the spot where if you suffer from allergies you got to watch out we a spare the air day in effect. coughing, sneezing headaches, itchy eyes. goes with the unhealthy level of ozone for the east bay. the worst. may need to limit outdoor exposure. that's going to be hard to do got to think about this. towards the peninsula we have a little bit cooler in palo alto 87 degreeless down to 67 in half moon bay. you can see the temperatures sliding down even in san francisco. and instead of 80s back down into the 70s. and in the north bay you have 87 in mill valley. 929 in sanity rosa, record high to 90 drees in napa changes on the way. i know the heat was a little bit too soon for a lot of us. high pressure has the main reason why. in fact the only reason why it's been so hot. here comes the trough of low pressure by the weekend. much cool err.
6:50 pm
down 25 degrees slight chance of potty shower. look at the results you can see the big dr. platz in san francisco by thursday. back down to the 60s then the weekend a slate chance of scattered showers trace amounts to a .19 inch not lasting long. dry into tuesday. inland valley forecast, 90 to testimony down to 72 on friday. sunday 69. there is the slight chance here of scattered showers not a big storm system but watching for a little bit here and there. and after the winter we've had it's going to be smooth sailing for us really the weekend not too bad. >> we can handle all this stuff. >> we got it. >> all the touchstone in one week. >> that is true. >> huge spread. >> thank you invest. go back outside a live look ooracle 20,000 fans on the way inside the builds to honor very special old school warriors take you there live, next. reuniting. tonight -- the 10
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
year anniversay party of the )e . okay one of the most memorable teams of bay area sports history is reuniting tonight, the 10-year anniversary part of the we believe warriors angle remember those guys. >> of course. >> that was so much fun. those guys back ton. nbc bay area colin resch courtside with the oracle and the current warriors and the we believe warriors. >> reporter: pretty cool to see the guys back what a ride they took us on. looking over my shoulder, kevin durant the last warrior out here
6:54 pm
taking a practice jump shot, game tipping around 7:30 game one against the utah jas we brought up the we believe team most are here tonight. i caught up with one player actually in the nba playoff for the indiana pacers that is would be monta allen. oh, man. >> hello. >> barren tell me you guys still talk about that. >> we do man it's something special. there was a way we would drive and bayen was dealing with a lot of back issues and knee pain. and when the start of that game he didn't know when he wanted to play he came ou out and dunked very special that crowd got very, very loud and got wild because we needed that and we got that win because of that. barns robinson not playing with the league but you're still
6:55 pm
playing. strange to be back here. >> i love being here. i got a jop job here as a kid grew up as a man. i had a lot of great deal great memories here love the fans, the culture, love the weather, everything about it. and it's always great to come back here. >> the faz beats new the western conference and semi finals now playing the jazz can they get the some revenge. >> any will. they already did. they got one championship working on the second one. >> but it's the jazz. >> it is. but in a different situation. i think they're more sound. fundamental, great system, great group of guys. and they go out there and play hard and beat them tonight. >> have a fun night. >> thank you. >> jason richardson, steven jackson, barren davis just a few of the guys here tonight. you remember this team back in
6:56 pm
2007, they really jump started what we are seeing here now with in golden era of the warriors. those guys initiated a great for them to be honored here tonight. even guys still playing, including matt barns. game one coming up shortly. live in oracle arena, colin refresh back to you. >> what fun. >> thank you colin. finally tonight at six back on campus talking about the future of journalism look who it it raj mathai wp annual forum about journalism raj meet meeting with university professors, sharing expertise and analysis with the media. >> nowadays they were scooping me. it was nice to be on the camps we hope together with all the universities in the bay area. >> nice job. >> thanks for joining us here at 6:00 have a great evening. >> see you at 11:00. bye-bye.
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
j. lo and a. rod's red carpet debut. selena going public with the weekend. and tom all over gisele. inside the oscars of fashion "extra" style right now. ♪ extra, extra j. lo and a. rod leading the couple invasion at the met gala. tom brady giving us a rare interview about family. >> pretty important to me. my parents and my kids. >> a.j. has every star, every moment. >> it's always a surprise. >> from kendall jenner's baring showdown with bella hadid. plus o magazine's adam glassman is here to give us the top three looks. jimmy kimmel in tears. his new son's heartbreaking health crisis. >> billy was born with a heart disease.


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